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I have been cooking professionally since 1993, with about 10 years of that time gleaning diverse experiences in French and Italian restaurants.  Growing up on the stark Canadian prairies, I fell in love with the diversity and energy of Chicago, so I decided to train at its downtown chef’s school.  Soon after, I chose to immerse myself in the Montreal restaurant scene, working under David McMillan, before being offered to come over to Paris in 2001 to work as a private chef to Secretary-general Donald Johnston of the OECD.  That work eventually opened doors for me to take over a quaint restaurant in a charming village in the vineyards of the south of France.  There, as always, I specialized in wholesome slow food using local and organic product and the best of each season. I pride myself in being able to adapt to a wide variety of dietary choices and allergic constraints.

Since 2007 I have again called Paris home, working as a freelance chef for political dignitaries and a colorful variety of festive Parisians.  My love of sharing the kitchen inspires me to teach market-based cooking both privately and at Cook’n With Class culinary school. Pauline Boldt, photographer and owner of 26 Projects, first proposed a cookbook project to me in 2013, and eventually Running Press and Hachette Books thankfully agreed to publish our book, "Les Marchés Français."

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